Oral Histories

BHPS has collected over 40 oral histories of Bayside residents, and they are available below. The recordings date from 1996 to the present, but many contain stories and reminiscences that stretch back decades.  A number of those who offered their stories are no longer with us, but their voices remain alive to us through these wonderful recordings.

In recent years, we have been grateful to Ned Lightner for producing a series of “Bayside Stories” that offer entertaining video interviews and reminiscences with additional members of the community. You can view them here.

Name Text File Audio Interview Date Picture
Adelaide Barrett Lincoln PDF Audio 2012
Al Keith PDF Audio 1998
Alan Gnutti   Audio  
Alden Badershall   Audio  
Amos Kimball PDF Audio 1997
Amy Wentworth Spollett PDF Audio 1996
Arline Tibbetts Parker and Stanley Arnold PDF Audio 1997
Barbara Webster PDF Audio    
Ben Woolsey   Audio  
Bill Paige   Audio  
Blair Einstein   Audio  
Bob Witherill PDF   1996
Chris Eldridge   Audio  
Eleanor Alice Toothaker PDF Audio 2001
Emma Downs & Suzanne Downs Molnar PDF Audio 1997
Frances Samway PDF Audio 1997
Genevieve Sheffield PDF Audio 1997
George Bruce Reed PDF Audio 1997
Harriette Cross Henninger & Eleanor Cross Knight PDF Audio 1996
Jayne Haverty   Audio  
Jean Witherill   Audio  
Jeanette Tardif and Marilyn Mattison PDF Audio 1997
Joanne Short Coughlin PDF Audio 1998
Josiah P. Huntoon PDF Audio 2001
Lloyd V. Stover PDF Audio 2002
Magdalena Brown Smith PDF Audio 1997
Marilyn Duane PDF Audio 1998
Marilynn Eaton Catanzaro PDF   1998
Mary Ellen Connor   Audio  
Meg Crofoot   Audio  
Morrill Martin PDF Audio 1997
Peg Lovejoy & Janet Pattee PDF Audio 1997
Peter Freeman   Audio  
Ralph Lindsay Flanders Robinson PDF Audio 1998
Royce Tibbetts PDF Audio 2000
Sally Wilson   Audio  
Sibyl Head PDF Audio 1999
Stella Price Dykstra PDF Audio 1996
Whitney Thibolt   Audio  
William Mason Parsloe PDF Audio 1999
Zelma McCormick Huntoon PDF Audio 2000