The Bayside Historical Preservation Society (BHPS) was founded in 1995. The organizational meeting of the Board of Directors for BHPS was held Monday, May 29, 1995 at the Bayside home of Zelma Huntoon. In addition to Zelma, those attending were George Allen, Jr., Alden Badershall, Joanne Coughlin, Lee Ann Horowitz, Amos Kimball, Eleanor Lagner, Jean Witherill. Elizabeth Lewis was unable to attend. Membership fees were set at $10.00. The meeting closed with a vote of appreciation to Zelma for completing the incorporation process.

Board Members


Joe Riley – President

Beverly Crofoot – Vice President

Heidi von Bergen – Treasurer

Pam Williams – Secretary


Marjorie Crowley

Wendy Huntoon

Fred Lincoln

Harry Rosenblum

Cathy Ross

Joy Sherman

Lisa Webster



Membership dues provide support for our mission to promote interest in the history of the Bayside community as well as preserve that history for future generations. Currently, you can join the BHPS by filling out the online application here and either using the secure online payment form or mail a check to BHPS via postal mail. If you prefer, you can still download the application from here, filling it out by hand and returning it with a check for your dues via postal mail.

All dues and donations are tax deductible. Dues for 2020 are $10 for the first member of the household, $5 for each additional household member, with children under 18 free.

Dues and donations can be mailed to:

Bayside Historical Preservation Society, PO Box 273, Lincolnville, ME 04849


Many opportunities for volunteering exist – in the summer as well as during the off-season. Current volunteering opportunities can be found here.


BHPS gratefully accepts donations of historical artifacts related to Bayside including photos, postcards or camp meeting records. Please contact baysidehps@gmail.com to arrange a donation of material goods. Information on financial donations to BHPS can be found here.



Bayside Historical Preservation Society

PO Box 273, Lincolnville, ME 04849